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Day dominates, fans praise exciting NWES 110 at the Glen virtual race

Alon Day dominated on track but the fans were equally the winners in Monday’s NWES 110 at the Glen. A strong mix of real-life NASCAR Whelen Euro Series drivers and Italian iRacing Cin Cup Series sim racers put up a spectacular show at virtual Watkins Glen for an international crowd watching on Youtube on the EuroNASCAR.com and SimRacingLeagueTV channels.

Five NWES drivers took the green flag – Alon Day, who also started from the pole, Loris Hezemans, Giorgio Maggi, Alessandro Brigatti and Ben Creanor – and battled at the top of the running order with Italian simracing veterans Niccolò Cedrati, Antonio Miccolis, Matteo Bortolotti and Marco Iaffaldano. AGll this while three-time Italian champion Alessio Fabbri was putting up a huge comeback from 30th on the grid.

Day grabbed the checkered flag in dominant fashion at the end of 45 laps, collecting his first win in Monster Energy colors. Creanor came in second ahead of Miccolis, Hezemans and a charging Fabbri, who rounded out the top-5. A pit stop issue midway through the race relegated a Maggi in strong form to the 10th place under the checkered flag, while Brigatti’s otherwise promising race was ruined by an off-track excursion and a subsequent contact at turn 1. The Italian finished 25th.

"I was not sure I could race until a few hours before the race because I had an issue with my simulator. In the end I made it and everything went very smooth from the get going." said Day. "Being a simracer myself, I’m really happy that the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series was able to give us the opportunity to race in eSports. It’s great to see that so many Italians are holding on to their passion for racing in this difficult time. I just want to thank everybody, from the organization to the drivers and the fans watching from home."


Day was not the only winner though, as winners were all the fans who could enjoy an evening of close door-to-door racing and a compelling challenge between NWES drivers and virtual NASCAR drivers while real-life motorsport is on hold all around the world.

The next stop for the NWES drivers will be at virtual Charlotte Motor Speedway on Friday night. No less than seven EuroNASCAR competitors will guest-star in a non-championship race organized by francophone i-FRN league. It will be the first 1.5-mile oval race for many of them and the event will be broadcasted live on the EuroNASCAR and PaddockTV youtube channels starting from 21:00 CET.