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A world’s first: NASCAR on ice!

For the first time ever, a NASCAR race car roared on an ice track. It happened at Val Thorens, France on March 26th when NASCAR Whelen Euro Series organizer Team FJ took one of its 1225 Kg / 400 Hp EuroNASCAR cars to the mountains to complete a full day of testing on ice.

The result? A unique milestone and a resounding success.

After impressing fans and many top drivers on the best European tracks – from Brands Hatch to Valencia, from Hockenheim to Zolder – and all over the world: at the Daytona Road Course, at the Goodwood FOS Hillclimb, on the Race Of Champions stadium tracks and on the dirt rallycross stage, once again the EuroNASCAR car proved to be one of the most versatile race cars in the world. Piloted by NWES President – CEO Jerome Galpin, this Europe’s official NASCAR car dealt perfectly with ice and snow right from the get-go, dancing on the twisty Val Thorens track with ease.

In addition to being spectacular to watch, the car was also definitely fast in its first outing with studded tires. For over 10 years, the French venue annually hosts an event dedicated to ice racing and the NWES car was already quicker than all specifically-designed rear wheel drive cars and close to all-wheel-drive ice prototypes lap times.

“That was super fun! To be honest we didn’t expect this first test on ice to go so well. The EuroNASCAR car has a great balance, so it is very easy to swing around on the ice,” said Jerome Galpin. “It is probably among the most versatile race cars ever built, able to race on every track and every surface, in every condition. The level of performance is also pretty impressive: with only one day of testing, we were able to set one of the fastest times around the track for a rear wheel drive car”.

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Credits: Patrick Trocelli/NASCAR Whelen Euro Series

The test and its fully satisfactory results will lead to new potential initiatives and projects involving the EuroNASCAR cars on ice.

“This test will definitely open up new horizons and spark new ideas for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series. We have to see what’s the next step but for sure this was a very special day.” concluded Galpin. “It doesn’t matter the surface you drive on, the shape of the track or the kind of driver you are: the Pure Racing character of the EuroNASCAR car is contagious and you will not want to stop driving it!”

The next dates marked on the calendar for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series are May 15 and 16, when the 2021 season will begin in Valencia at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo.


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The Team FJ crew at Val Thorens, France. Credits: Patrick Trocelli/NASCAR Whelen Euro Series