Discover EuroNASCAR (part 4): Pure Racing is NWES‘ unique selling point

“Pure Racing” is the slogan of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series and it’s not only a phrase but also a philosophy, applied on and off the track. But what makes the official European NASCAR series so unique in comparison to other championships in Europe? Let’s break down the key points attracting an average of 60 drivers to the grid and ten-thousands of fans to the tracks around Europe. Buckle up and discover the unique features of NASCAR in Europe!

Pure racing, no gimmicks, spectacular sprint races, a highly cost-effective formula and incredible cars: these are the ingredients for great racing and close championships. Due to being fully spec, the cars are all equal and it’s down to the teams to find the right setup as well as to the drivers to find speed around the track. Every team has the chance to win as they all have the same weapons to fight with.

Unlike other series, EuroNASCAR doesn’t need Balance of Performance or success ballast to level the playing field. There are also no reversed grids or any other format to create artificial excitement.


Klemen Sofric En2 Race 1 Start Rijeka 2022
Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

As for the points attribution, all drivers have to drop their two worst results of the regular season and therefore a single bad race, technical issue or crash doesn’t end a driver’s title challenge right away. With the spirit of NASCAR’s playoffs in the US, the European championship rewards double points at the Finals to have its own playoff system for the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series.

Four races per weekend in a sprint format not only provide a lot of seat time for drivers, but also a lot of enjoyment for the fans at the track and on the TV screens. The points system is also similar to the one implemented in the US: every driver is fighting for important points everywhere in the field. In EuroNASCAR, every driver scores points towards the overall standings. The driver gaining the most positions in each race earns four bonus points. In comparison to other European series that are only rewarding points for the top-10, drivers and fans can enjoy battles in the whole field as every position counts in the title battle.

Two drivers share one car, but there are no driver swaps: every driver is fighting for points in his or her own races and championship. In EuroNASCAR PRO, the elite drivers fight for glory, while young talented and gentlemen drivers have their home in EuroNASCAR 2. With five special classifications, all types of drivers have trophies to fight for: Junior Trophy, Challenger Trophy, Rookie Trophy, Legend Trophy, Lady Trophy. The teammates share the exact same car in both championships to contain the costs for a season. EuroNASCAR offers one of the best cost-effectiveness ratios in Europe and races in front of ten-thousands of fans on the grandstands.

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Klemen Sofric Luli Del Castello Quali Zolder 2022
Credits: NASCAR Whelen Euro Series / Klemen Sofric

That shared car is another important factor: it’s a pure racing machine with a unique character that is unmatched in Europe! 400 V8 horsepower from a 5.7 liter engine, a classic H-pattern gearbox (with a sequential option available), rear-wheel drive, no electronic aids and mechanical grip instead of aerodynamic grip makes it so much fun to wrestle those 1,225 kilogram beasts around iconic tracks around Europe.

The car also runs with a special sustainable fuel produced by VP Racing Fuels. From Qualifying to Race 2, the drivers only have one set of Hoosier tires – another cost saving and strategic piece of the whole NWES puzzle. Drivers from all sorts of motorsports disciplines praise the EuroNASCAR cars, which were selected for the Race of Champions several times and driven by the biggest racing legends.

Discover the incredible show of the NASCAR Whelen Euro Series by yourself and visit one of the next races. The experience at the circuit is unmatched because EuroNASCAR is open as no other series in Europe. The championship offers access to the paddock as well as garages, gridwalks right before a race, autograph sessions in the pit lane and American themed festivals around the tracks, with lots of attractions for the whole family. Take your chance and discover the unique spirit of NASCAR in Europe.


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