Alina Loibnegger

Wolfsberg, Austria

Blumen B&B, Orion, Friseurbedarf Roma


Date of Birth: Jan 26, 1995

Owner: Racingfuel Motorsport

Division: EuroNASCAR 2

Crew Chief: Ferruccio Finkbohner

After finishing sixth in the Club Challenge in 2019, Alina Loibnegger made her debut in the EuroNASCAR 2 championship in 2021 driving the #12 Solaris Motorsport Camaro. She finished the season 20th overall and second in the Lady Trophy.

2022 Loibnegger moved to RacingFuel Motorsports to drive the #94 Camaro and chase the Lady Trophy in EuroNASCAR 2.

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